The Seattle Think Tank is a society of technology enthusiast, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We meet regularly to practice the art of ideation and to and discuss new ideas.

Idea Nights

Idea Night is a public Idea Sprint. These usually happen every month or two and allow us to meet new people who are interested in being involved.

Idea Ownership

In regards to NDA’s and secret ideas: Our philosophy is that if you want to keep an idea secret, then do not talk about it. In our experience the more an idea is talked about the stronger it becomes. But, the trade-off is that you must take the leap and loose some control of it. If a person is interested in your idea then you should join forces to produce it. Any ideas contributed at an Idea Night are considered public domain and these are fair game for anyone who wants to build it. What we would encourage is when you are taken by an idea, contact the originator. Together, this could become a fantastic project for both of you.

Idea Night Calendar